What Would You Like to Know?

Below is a variety of frequently asked questions.  We could not possibly cover all of them, but, you can always call us if something is missing that you would like more information about.

How does the process work?

Send us a project that you are interested in using our services for. 

We then:

  • Look at the project and give you a no cost estimate of how many hours the project is going to take.

  • You approve the project amount and purchase the requisite number of credits.

  • Once payment is received, we begin work on the project.

  • Generally, within 3 business days, you get your project back with: The Measure File, A set of Marked up prints in PDF form, an excel spreadsheet that breaks down the various components of your project.

  • If any minor adjustments need to be made, we will help with that-within reason (generally capped at an hour)-at no additional cost to you. 

How is Flooring Takeoff Services, LLC. different from its competitors?

In a simple phrase: Service, quality and unparalleled expertise!

Most of our competitors handle a large variety of blueprint takeoffs services, often done with minimal interaction.  That is great for the general overall focus of a project, however, they often are not "experts" in the flooring trades, whereas we are. 

The general idea for many of these services is that when it comes to the flooring, it is simply square yard vs square foot, but, you know as well as we do that there is a lot more to a flooring takeoff than square yard and feet.  

We are experts in our field with a combined 50+ years of expertise behind us.  We take great pride in providing you with the quality Flooring takeoffs, that many other cannot.  

I don't use/have Measure, what now?

We have several clients who do not use the same software.  We have generally found this not to be an issue.  Our products are so finely broken down that it is easy to follow our results, even if you have to look them up on the system that you currently use.  Beyond that, we are always here if you have any questions about something on the project.

Will you do takeoff estimating and bidding?

Unfortunately, we do not handle estimating.  In order for us to do that, we would have to have all of your accounts and numbers in order for us to track down the correct information.  We have found that it is more cost effective for you to manage that end of the process in house.

Why do we have to pay in advance?

Great question!  There are a couple of components to this answer.​

  • Flooring Takeoff Services offers a service that has no collateral to you the end user, and, as such, if we do the flooring takeoff and send you the files, we have nothing to use to ensure our payment

  • Flooring takeoff Services, had gone to great lengths to protect you the end user by using PayPal as our merchant store.  You are protected if we do not deliver your project as promised.

  • Lastly, and honestly most importantly, burning clients is never a good way to stay in business.  We are committed to providing the best flooring takeoff possible so you keep coming back again and again

What happens if we are not happy with the takeoff results?

Fair question.  

We will always try to make things right, whether it was our fault or not. 

We generally subscribe to 'The customer is always right' rule,-as with everything, there are always exceptions- and Flooring Takeoff Services takes it seriously when there is an issue and a client is not happy. 

Your Business is our business, and it needs to be right.

Will my takeoff be "Net" or "gross" figures?

The short answer is "Net"; however, every project that deals with Hard surfaces is different in so many ways; from the amount of product, attic stock and waste required to how your particular set of installers handle their job.  We cannot take on that responsibility for knowing what your market actually requires and the threshold for which you work, therefore, we provide you with a "Net" product number based on a "minimum quantity needed if you were to pour water in the room" with the information we have available to us.   We cannot stress this enough that you are responsible for determining what you actually need and we cannot be held responsible for the final quantities that are provided to your clients.   Roll Goods on the other hand are generally the same no matter where you install them, and quite honestly, if there are significant matches involved, a correct flooring takeoff will account for this correctly.

How do I know the takeoff I receive is correct?

Great question! 


Simple answer it that each project should be reviewed, spot checked, and looked through before final numbers are sent out by your team. 

We don't often make serious mistakes, but it can happen and if you are spot checking and see something, we will fix it immediately. 


We will always do our part to ensure you have accurate and complete information, but, ultimately, you are the one who sends it out and should have the last set of eyes on the job.  


Can you do other trades?

Within reason- and on a case by case basis- we can provide basic takeoffs for painting and blinds, but,  prefer not to if we don't have to.  We are flooring takeoff experts.  If you need a basic paint quote, just ask and we can discuss it.  Likely if it is simply a single paint and you just need square footage and linear footage, we can probably help.

What is the smallest flooring takeoff you will take on?

Our General rule of thumb is that is no job to small or to big. A three hour minimum is generally what we go by, however depending on the situation we can look at alternatives. We have found that by the time we download the project, load it into the system and review, we are generally at a minimum of an hour.

WOW! I am not real good at reading what you send me, can you help?

Sure!! It is not at all uncommon for our clients to want to go over what we send them so they fully understand what they have.  With the marked up prints, excel takeoff sheets, cut sheets and anything else that may be pertinent to the project, it can be quite daunting.  We are happy to do a Join Me session or a phone conference to guide you through what you are looking at.  Most of the time, it is a pretty quick conversation as it is usually one piece of information that pulls it all together! 

We are here to help and are happy to do so! :)

What happens if the first project does not go as I think it should?  Do I get a refund on my purchased credits that remain?

All to often folks come to us thinking that we can read minds and do things the way they think they should be done, which, for us can be quite frustrating.  
We look at working with you as a partnership.  Partnerships take time to build and work out the kinks.   I liken the relationship to that of two new experienced dancers.  It is likely that, even though they are both experienced, they will need a couple of dances to figure the other out.   Our business is not different.  With 100 different flooring contractors are going to come 100 different sets of expectations.  
We will do our best out of the gate, however, it may take a time or two to refine what you need and expect.
If, you are not completely satisfied, then absolutely, you will be refunded any unused credits.