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What can we do for you?

It’s All in the Details

Our clients are important to us.  Often, we build long term partnerships that allow you to find the work while we provide you the details needed to properly bid the project. No project-income down time!

We offer:

  • Full flooring take off services.  

  • Flooring specific take off services

  • Project specific Services

Specialized Take off Services

We can do most specialized projects.

  • Takeoff consultations

  • Long term budget plans for those who do not need-or want-to hire directly


Leave the tedious work to us!

We love doing what we do and and are passionate about our work.  We take great pride in knowing that our work and dedication to the details make your job easier.  Sign up today and let us show you how we can help your bottom line!

Who are we?

Experts in the Flooring Industry!


Roy Barker


Since 1996 Roy has been active in all phases of the flooring industry including commercial and residential.  He learned flooring with ¼” graph paper, architect ruler and a pencil going from home to home measuring residential floors.  From there Roy moved to The Home Depot and ran their newly acquired CTI as an Estimating Manager.  Roy has been actively involved in Commercial flooring since 1999 where again, with a blueprint, ruler, paper and pencil, he learned the ropes of commercial flooring where he found his true passion.  Roy has done work in Florida, Washington and Texas in the commercial flooring industry with Banks, Towers, Restaurants and stadiums in his repertoire.   Roy has been a fully state certified Tile installer in Florida and Texas.

Deanna Barker


Deanna has been involved in the flooring industry nearly as long as Roy but has been more involved in the day to day operations and accounting activities.  Her background is quite extensive and along with Roy was a part of Creative Touch Interiors and a driving force in their commercial flooring business. Deanna prides herself on her ability to roll up her sleeves and get into projects.  The more detailed and analytical, the better.

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Estimating Team

Our Team of Flooring Takeoff Specialists are well versed in all aspects of blueprint takeoff and estimating.   We come from a wide variety or backgrounds that help to  better serve our customers needs.  The team is trained in great detail on the use of RFMS Measure and many of the nuances that come with it. With over 100 years of experience between us, no project is too small- or too big.   

Flooring Takeoff Services


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