Your Flooring Takeoff Specialists


We are pleased that you are here and look forward to helping you fulfill your flooring takeoff needs.

Allow us to:

  • Take the pressure off by doing takeoffs for you.

  • Help with last minute rush bids that you just don’t have time to get to.

  • Help with verification of numbers – especially for General Contractors, Architects and Designers.

  • Be a reliable service to replace the often unreliable in-house help.

  • Save you money on additional labor that may be required to complete projects.

Flooring Takeoff Services, LLC offers a professional, reliable and safe contracting service that is dependable, accurate and honest.  We understand that the quality and accuracy of the Flooring takeoff services we provide, can define the success of the jobs you entrust FTS to complete and estimate, and, more importantly, your bottom line.


Whether you need a single simple flooring takeoff, or a large takeoff that will keep you from other business, or anything in between, we will do it at a price that will not break the bank.

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